A recent McKinsey study of U.S. workforce trends reveals that digital automation will replace approximately 20% of job positions by 2030. The majority of workers employed in these vulnerable job roles are African-American.  According to the study, African-Americans will have “one of the highest rates of potential job displacement when compared with other groups” as a direct result of the accelerated digital transformation of workplaces.   As the world prepares itself for significant disruption from Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, repurposing and reskilling human capital will be the single biggest challenge for individuals, society, and enterprises.


AfroBots is THE platform for empowering Black/African/African-American students and professionals to succeed in the future Global Digital Workforce.


Our mission is to dramatically increase the representation of Black/African/African-American talent in fields related to digital automation/AI by providing tools and education, facilitating access to opportunities, and cultivating a culturally relevant community aligned to serving the interests of our members.

Our vision is to "disrupt the disruption" by training and enabling 500k African-Americans before 2030 with practical automation and AI skills. AfroBots aims to empower the next generation of Black automation/AI entrepreneurs and to enable our Community's job readiness / competitiveness for the Global Digital Workforce.


The AfroBots platform consists of four (4) key components : 
(1) Online Community including virtual mentorships; culturally relevant automation/AI message boards, podcasts, industry news, & events; and on-line hosted automation/AI skill-builder competitions (aka hackathons) 
(2) Guided training and gamified skill development for automation/AI related skill development (AfroBots educators identify as Black/African/African-American. Why? Because representation matters -even in online classrooms.) 
(3) Talent & Employer Matching (Employers can no longer assert an inability to find diverse talent with automation/AI skills - now Black talent is just a click away!)

(4) Marketplace for Black Owned & Created Automation/AI Products & Services: AfroBots does not merely enable its members to be consumers or users of technology.  AfroBots facilitates the creation of Black innovation and promotes entrepreneurship as a societal equalizer.  AfroBots hosts a marketplace for Black owned and created automation/AI skills, products & services.